A mind game think


A minimalistic, beautifully designed visual puzzle game designed for the Pure Android experience.

With over 360 puzzles spread over 30 chapters, this game is sure to pull you in.

Best played with friends and family together. You will rediscover the delight and joy in solving puzzles together – huddled around a small screen for hours together with mesmerizing music.

In the beginning, human beings communicated only using symbols.

Language complicated things. Suddenly, there were many words to describe the same idea.

Think attempts to slowly teach the player to think visually and uses these learnings to construct more complicated ideas further into the game. Can you take a look at a bunch of images and figure out what ideas we are trying to communicate?

The game uses a smart, contextually aware hint system and AI which will guide you to the correct answer – instead of just opening out few letters on the keyboard as most other games do. You will find yourself having delightful conversations with the game and trying out various combinations – just to elicit a response from the AI.

To complement the beautiful visuals, the game features music by award winning composer Jim Guthrie (Indie Game the Movie and Sword & Sorcery).

With over 360 puzzles spread over 30 chapters, this game is sure to pull you in.

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Satyam Baral

Satyam Baral

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