A smartphone is an integral part of our busy lives. It’s a nightmare to imagine a day without the use of the smartphone. Constantly being connected virtually with friends, family, colleagues and our love life gives our mundane lives the much-needed solace.

Considering the importance of smart phone’s role in our daily lives, one of the most disgusting feelings any smartphone user can have is – a low battery.
This write- up serves as a help to save battery life on your Android smartphones.
Here are few important tips on how to save battery life on your smart phone while using it

1. Decrease the brightness

Turn off the feature Automatic Brightness and decrease the brightness of the screen on your mobile. Doing this can have a lot of impact on your mobile battery life.

2. Turn off vibrations

It’s better to keep your mobile in ring tone mode or in silent mode in case you want to save battery because vibrations consume a lot of power to shake and notify you about a call, message etc.

3. Decrease screen timeout period.

The brightly lit screen of your mobile before the screen locks itself, consumes power. So, minimize the screen timeout period.

4. Close unwanted apps

We have a tendency to browse multiple apps at the same time and forget to close them after using. The opened apps will drain your mobile battery. So, make sure you kill all the app processes after use.

5. Turn off all the networks – Wi-Fi, Mobile Data, Bluetooth, GPS

When you do not need the connections, close them as you device constantly tries to connect to the respective networks and kill your mobile battery life.

6. Lessen notifications

On connecting to the internet, we receive a lot of notifications from different apps – Games, Mails, Food apps, Social media etc. We may always not need instant notifications to keep ourselves updated. In such cases, turn off the notifications to save the battery.

7. Turn on power saving mode

By turning on this feature, you will get rid of unnecessary usage of the phone and restrict your usage to basic features like – Calls, SMS, MMS etc.

8. Update your apps constantly

Updated apps will consume less energy on your mobile. Make sure that your mobile is configured for updates. Check for app updates and manually install updates. Do not rely on Automatic Updates feature.

9. Stop the unwanted apps

This is different from closing the apps. For this, you need to go to Settings->Apps and stop the running apps manually from the list of apps.

10. Use a battery case

For a prolonged battery life, use a battery case that extends the battery life of your mobile.
Hope this helps you! Have a great day !!!

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