Today in smart world ,practically there is a few chances to spend time with your pussy cat if you have one. Outfit7 understand the demand and developed an android application for Cat Lovers and nominated as Tom.
In this post I am going to write on My Talking Tom, A beautiful production of Outfit7. You can spend a lot of time with my talking tom during your boring journey time or when you feel alone.
This game is already very popular to people as I am seeing it’s google play rating 4.4 based on 4,662,585 user review as on today.
  Before starting with my guide download a copy of your talking tom with the below mentioned downloading link.Read my guide on How to download Android App without Google Play

Download my Talking Tom From Google Play

Download APK File Directly

When you start the game, you can see an launch image as you are seeing above.My talking tom is Playing all around.

In your first launch, the TOM remains in front of TV and Sofa,icon smiley.When you talk, just he will give a replica of it.How nice!!! That’s why little children like Talking Tom.When you touch the body he will express each time with different expression.
In next spoon icon.Tom is in front of dining table.You have to feed various food to TOM.You can buy food with the coin you earn with playing game.I am discussing later how to play game.But now start feeding.The best part of this game,when tom needs food, the icon will become red and tom will not do nothing.
In next thumb up icon, TOM needs regular daily requirement.Tom goes to bathroom.And as previous tom will do nothing except this session.The icon will us glow red.
You if don’t go to bed in some day, how do you feel?Same thing tom feel’s.Tom goes bed at any time, and demand to light off.Light off touching the bulb button tom will go in sleep.
The next part of my talking tom , you can play game with it.
In above image ,on smiley icon an game icon is visible after meeting tom’s daily requirement.Touch on this icon will allow you to play game.
A list of game is available here.When you play it,you  will earn some points and gold coins.Just an example Bubble shooter, you have to shoot bubble.And three bubble with same color will come will vanish.
 There are more features in it.But you have to unlock it by playing game.You can also dress up your tom.Touch bucket icon on home screen.You will be in next shown screen.
Here you can dress up your tom by going WardRobe.
You can customize your living room touching on Living Room.
You can also add food, clicking on food.
I have discussed almost all about my talikg tom.How do you like this article let me know in comment box.
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