We all are surrounded by so many myths and half-baked truths in our day-to-day life and very few efforts are made to find out the veracity of the facts. While some are exposed midway, by chance, creating the awareness, most of them remain concealed unless an attempt to unravel the myths is made.

Here is a write-up that lists 10 common technology myths that we have been living through years

  • Desktop Refresh

If you are one among the people who thinks that you are improving your computer’s performance by pressing F5 all the time, then stop doing that from now. Pressing F5 helps only when new shortcuts are being added to your desktop (as part of a new software installation) or when new files are being copied to your desktop, and when these are not visible immediately. Also, you need F5 in a scenario where you need to retrieve the content of the page when a web page is stuck.

  • Ejecting a USB device before unplugging it

You actually need to eject the USB device only when data is being copied to/from the device. This mechanism has been introduced just to make sure that whatever data was being transferred to/from the device has been completed and the data is not corrupted. So, for the USB that was plugged in just to check for its contents, there is no need to safely eject the USB.

  • Your Internet Service Provider can track everything that you do online

Your ISP is least bothered about the content you browse over the web. It does not save the web browsing history or chat history of your computer as the information is heavy and the cost to do that is expensive for your ISP. Your ISP behaves just like a link to the web network and tries the best to offer you seamless internet services.

  • Only Windows OS is vulnerable, Mac OS is safe

Around 80% of computers run under Windows OS and the malware is commonly developed to attack systems using Windows OS. The malware targetted to attack Mac OS is relatively very less compared to that of Windows OS. So, you tend to believe that only Windows OS is vulnerable to malware.

  • Password protected WiFi is safe

By protecting your WiFi by enabling a password prevents unauthorized access to the WiFi but it does not guarantee that the connection is free from being hacked. Hackers can intrude into the WiFi network, however.

  • Items from recycle bin are gone forever

If you empty the Recycle Bin, you are just cleaning the bin and clearing all the icons. This will deallocate the space on your computer’s hard disk. The items, however, are not completely wiped out from your computer. They are stored in a folder on your computers hard disk. There are some tried and tested techniques to retrieve the items from your computer and its discussion is outside the scope of this article.

  • You have to defragment a bulky hard drive to get the best performance of your computer

Your computer’s operating system tends to use even a small cluster of space found even in the middle of a large storage space. Defragmentation does not improve the system’s performance, as generally believed.

  • Incognito mode browsing is safe and secure

This mode of browsing only ensures that the browsing information is not saved onto your computer but it does not guarantee that your browsing is secure.

  • More megapixels means more quality in pictures

Your camera may have more megapixels but this is not enough to get high-quality images. There are other important factors too, for eg: the size of the sensor. Technically, the amount of light the sensor pulls in will have a direct influence on the image quality. The more amount of light your camera sensor allows inside it, the more quality the image will have.

  • Having more bars on your mobile will give you better mobile service

Bars just indicate that your mobile has got good signal strength but this is not a foolproof theory that your mobile will receive the tower’s services at any cost. Sometimes there may be only one mobile tower in your locality with hundreds of mobile users, trying to win over each other to get the service from the tower. This scenario increases the traffic and causes network congestion giving you less or no chances to get the mobile services.

Hope this helps. Have a great day !!!

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