After WannaCry, it is Judy now.

Even before people could recover from the shocking impact of WannaCry that affected various government bodies, educational universities and corporate companies across 100 countries, a new malware named Judy came into discovery on Google Play Store.

To explain Judy in brief, Judy is an auto-clicking adware that automatically shows an advertising content to the user when they are online and generates a huge revenue for the offenders through deceitful clicks. This software is developed by a Korean company.

As per the sources, Judy has affected 41 apps on Play Store so far and the malware is said to have been infecting millions of Android-based smartphones. Till date, this is the largest malware campaign on the Play Store. The malware remained unnoticed in the Play Store since a long time as the malware software was downloaded from a different server and not Google. Soon after Google was informed about this activity by a security firm, it removed the apps from the Play Store immediately. Google is yet to identify the effect of the malware spread and the duration of the malware existing in the Play Store.

This is not the first time Google is encountering such an issue from malware. Earlier there had been two instances when malware penetrated through Google’s Play Store.

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