Apple Inc, popular Mac founder, may use their own cheap instead of intel core processor in it’s Mac computer instead of intel core processor. This information is reported by Bloomerg this week.The project is named as Kalamata and a timeline as early as 2020.

It is believed plan is already thought out by apple as they have made a lot of progress on it “A series” processor for iPhone & iPad. Apple has used Intel chips in its computers since 2005, now they are trying you to role out their new chips.

By dismantling and building the entire system, including its own processor, software and hardware, Apple is becoming even more fully integrated than any other computer company in the industry. It is a good idea for the company that it doesn’t get into the business of chip fabrication as this is the case with many businesses as they compete for business. The AMD Ryzen processors are the only alternative to the Intel Core processors for Apple if it wants to stay with the x86 instruction set.




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