Blog is the best place to express your self on web.In last 10 years blogging industry has grown tremendously.I called it industry because blog is no more only for passion.Blog became the only income source of many blogger around the world.

The first question comes in mind during start up, how much money a blog can generate? A passionate blogger can generate that much money which a high salary job can’t give.Harsh Agrawal, a young blogger from India leaving from his blog.There are many blogger who earn a passive money from their blog.

Now a days setting up blog is very easy and does require some technique to learn without a single line of coding.Here are some useful website to create your first blog for free.

1. is a free service by google and popular in blog industry. Blogger provide blog on a free sub-domain though customization in domain name is possible.Blogger is very simple to use and set up is instant.There are thousand of free template available for blogger.With blogger you can create professional looking website.

2. is another great blogging platform. WordPress is free and they provide blog on a sub-domain of in blogger is possible but with a small cost.There thousand of free plugin which turn your wordpress blog in to e-commerce site.

3. is another great free service to create a website.Unlike Blogger and WordPress it is not a blogging best suits for creating a personal or professional website.Webs uses drug and drops service which help non technical user to create a website easily.


Another great and reliable free website is has its own free template to customize look and features.You can customize your domain name with wix easily.There are tons of features in wix which will give your website a custom feelings.You can add custom apps and online store on your website.

5. Weebly

Weebly is a drug and drop based free website creation service. Weebly also offer e-commerce service. Weblly has tons of free template to look your website professional.

6. is a free service which is powered by offers blog on their subdomain. has also power of plugin to customize.There are also free template to customize your website.

7. Tumblr

Tumblr is also offereing a great blogging service.Tumblr is best service for personal blog. Tumblr is also offering a a social blogging platfrom.You can add images, video and easily with tumblr.

8. Edublogs

Edublogs is another great free blogging tool.Unlike other blogging platform Edublogs offer blogging for education purpose.Either teacher and student can take part of blogging.


This is the top list website which offer free blogging service.If you want to start you blogging journey, this is the best place to start.All the above mentioned service is having high SEO result.So, if you are afraid of Search engine then believe on “Quality of content”.

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