Android is a great platform for smart phones.Being android open source and easy to use platform it’s gain it’s popularity. IPhone , windows and black berry are the best competitor of android. iPhone have almost 200 patent on their technology innovation.Can you ever think a phone with 200 technology innovation to built? I will try to cover the story in a post on mechbit in some days.

Sometime you may feel that is there any way to turn your android into iPhone?Basically there is no way to turn your android to iPhone. But there is a way you make your phone to look as an iPhone.

This theme has been developed by appershopper and this is a launcher theme called iOS 7 Launcher theme.

Download iOS 7 Launcher theme


⇒Superb quality icons.

⇒Every icon inside is LIVE and directly interact with your app! use it like your own phone.

⇒Best View on HD Android Phone. 99.9% Identical with iOS environment!

⇒Virtual Mode, turn some of the app into iOS 7 look-alike.

⇒High Definition Screenshot, Screenshots were carefully selected and modified to suit Android needs.

⇒Title bar allow you to view current time, battery and also phone signal.

⇒26 functioning icons. Each link to user installed apps, if virtual mode is activated, we direct you to a screenshot that looks exactly like the real iOS 7.

⇒Five different themes. Check out the iThemes icon or press on options menu settings to change the background of the theme.

⇒Uninstall your app by just long tap on your app icon!


This app is simple to use.You don’t have to root your device.Installation of launcher theme is also easy.You can read my guide on How to Install launcher theme.


Finally, you have the option to feel the iPhone look.Download the theme and Enjoy.

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