The world of smart phone changes in a new era when OS Android came into market.Android being a simple and easy to use operating system is being used in Mobile & Tablet.But this time VU launches their smart TV with android OS.

Important Features:

1.Powered by Android
Discover android like never before.Te VU android TV allows you a seamless access to the google play store.Watching favorite Video shows, timeless movies and viral videos from google play.
2. 8GB flash storage
Beside google play we will get a 8 GB flash storage with this tv which will help you to store images , videos game to store.
3.Stay Connected
With the VU android powered TV you can always connected to the WWW world.Internet access with social networking features built in with this device.
4.Play Game
With VU android powered TV you can play game.There are millions of games already available in google play you can accees the game and play.Have you think it before?
It has Octa Core graphis chip and 2GB DDR3 memory.
5. Way More than a smart TV
You wouldn’t find this feature in other tv like VU
   -Full Computer inside with Kitkat
   -8GB NAND flash storage.
  -XMBC media Player
  -Google Play Access
  -Octa Core processer
So what do you think?If you are a smart phone lover and planning to buy a tv in few days then this deal is for you.You can pre order this product in flipkart.

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