your PC acts strange recent time? You see lots of advertising in the places where it shouldn’t be? You suffer from various browser extensions and mysterious redirections to untrusted websites? You see ““ or like website each time when you open the browser or start new tab in it? The case is clear: you have a browser hijacker on your PC, and you should remove it as soon as possible!

What is or this type of similar site is?

Browser hijackers are the most annoying advertising programs that you can imagine. They are lightweight, they don’t need any special conditions to work and they can be easily distributed through the most effective methods, like e-mail spam, bundled installation, malvertising and viral websites. There is a thing that makes browser hijackers very effective: they almost don’t have presence on user’s PC. Most of unwanted and malicious programs are living in your system and can be found and eliminated by simple anti-viral tool. Hijackers are different: the part that penetrates your PC is very small, and it is responsible only for the change of browser settings. The biggest and the most important part is the website.

How works and how to penetrates user’s computer?

So, let’s figure out, how this scheme works. Browser hijacker might be picked up on one of the suspicious websites that can be found behind the viral links. User just clicks on another ad and gets Or, it might be bundled with some free programs, or packed into one download package on few torrent-trackers. In this case, it gets installed with free programs if user decides to click “recommended installation” instead of “partial installation” or “installation for experienced users”. After the penetration, program changes the settings of your browser. Its main task is to make you open web-page as often as possible. To achieve this goal, hijacker sets this website as your homepage and as default search engine. Except that, it changes the properties of shortcuts of all installed browsers. So, even if you will change the browser settings back, you still will see each time when you launch the browser.


These methods look pretty stupid, and when you’re reading this you think “Pffff, who can be tricked in this way?” But when user doesn’t know about browser hijackers, he might think that is a useful website, and it really helps in web-browsing. So, user leaves everything as it is, and begins to receive ads. Ads are appearing on each page, they are intrusive and annoying. They advertise the useless trashy goods, or promote the scammer’s websites, promising the incredible earnings in short terms. Except that, user starts to suffer from redirections. He tries to visit his favorite website, but instead of that he sees another online-shop or ForEx broker’s site. It goes on and on, and if lives in the system for few weeks – the consequences of infection become really rough. in its nature isn’t very dangerous. It is just an advertising program that can’t harm your PC or the files that are stored on it. Its actions call some inconveniences, but most of users just ignore such things until their PCs are completely clogged with other adware, hijackers and browser toolbars, downloaded with help of Each click on the link, provided by browser hijacker might lead to the untrusted website or start the download of unwanted software. If victim really likes to browse the web, he might download dozens of unwanted programs each day, without even knowing it. Each unwanted program consumes the resources of CPU and RAM, and tries to load on startup, so the computer works slower and slower every day. If you don’t want your PC turn to useless piece of iron – you better remove Yeabd66.ccBusiness Management Articles, and we can help you do this.


Solution of this problem is not so easy but you may try some tips given below:

  1. Download Adw Cleaner & clean malware
  2. install free software carefully, reading each step.
  3. using strong antivirus as said in earlier post Best antivirus for PC
  4. Most of the time use torrent site carefully
  5. Install crack & patch taking much care, crack may force you to format & reinstall windows.

If the above tricks doesn’t work , share  your problem on comment, I will try to help as much as possible.

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