In my previous post  I already covered on How to download google play application without google play to help my reader to get rid of boaring journey of google play in slow connection speed.In this post i am going to write on alternative google play store from where you can download favourite android application.  post

One thing should clear that there are penalty for using third party application because of trust or worthiness. I have listed 10 alternative of google play store to whom you can trust.And they are worthy to visit.

Though most of the below mentioned store obtained the app by any means from google play store but still now, it’s worthy to visit there store to get rid of google play.

1.Amazon App Store:

Amazon app store is one of the best alternative of google Play.There is paid and free apps available.You are safe with amazon app store as they are reputed company.Look of the amazon is not so good but they categories all application.Though downloading from amazon app store is complicated as google play.Read my guide on How to download App from amazon store?

Visit Amazon App Store

2.Slide ME App Store:

After Amazon store the major player is slideme. I basically don’t like there design but they have variety of application in their store.So i recommend my reader to use them.They also offer to download apk file.So, you don’t have to think about your mobile data connection.

3.Apps Zoom Store:

My third recommendation is appszoom. Appszoom also having good look along with they have variety of application in there store.They also offer apk file download from their website.So, Why you are waiting when you have apk file requirement?

4.Apps Store:

That’s right; there is a Play Store alternative which is called APPS. This app store provides you with some of the best and popular apps available for the Android platform. There are many apps to choose from too, as the app store clearly boasts on the front page. With 468.935.297 downloads for 49.172 apps, this app store clearly is popular among the crowd.

5.Getjar App Store:

Getjar is popular since the mobile internet era.This app store is still popular around the world.They don’t offer desktop download their application, rather they give you code in desktop which you can use in quick download option.One more thing they will ask you for your device to choose.So. compatibility will not be an issue with this store.Due to this reason i like Getjar

6.Mobango App Store:

In my top most priority Mobongo secure 6th position.Mobngo have thousands of application you will see first time.Though some of them are outdated.But some are constantly updated.Check mobango and you will find another orld of android.The bad thing is that you can’t download there apps in computer. 

7.Android Pit App Store:

Being an android phone user you are aware of android pit.They write different type of articles.They also have a good app suggestion store.You can’t get rid of google play using it.But their suggestion is very good.

8.CNET App Store:

CNET is very much popular in software industry.They have also done the same reputation on android store.They post there apps after testing it.So there is a minimum chance of fake apps.They also have strict security policy.They also offer from PLAY store download most of the time.

9.1Mobile Market:

1Mobile Market has the biggest collection of Android apps and games there is. With 800,000 apps on offer, this store is certainly aiming to impress everyone. But with a large number of apps hosted, there is a chance that a few bogus ones will seep through. Still the robust collection of apps will keep you occupied for a long time.

10.Opera Store:

Opera has been around the mobile scene for a very long time and thus can be trusted wholeheartedly. Their browsers are amazing and so is their app store. Not a big collection of apps and games is available but almost all the major publishers are on board. Rest assured you will get good and secure apps which do exactly what they are supposed to do. They also offer apk file download.

This is all about my android alternate app store recommendation.Try all this store and let me know which one best suits you in comment box.
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