Today i introduce you with a new android app which is very much useful for daily life to plan something for next days.Yes , it’s very much difficult to maintain leave balance without proper planning for upcoming.Maintaining diary is an old concept in smart worlds.So, it’s time to move with smart app.

Flexr developed by best suits for working professionals either in 24*7 shift or normal shift. Flexr makes it easy to plan not only months but also years.

Now the question is how you schedule your duty with flexr?At first, you have to create shifts. For example if you are a shifting personnel with four group rotation then plan your shift either morning, evening, night and off and assign it for each day.

You can add remarks for each day.So, if you want to add any special comment that can also be done with just in one touch.Set alarm for each shift, so automatically alarm ring remind your duty.How easy,isn’t?

For those who are working in 10-5 general duty, they can assign their break time also.

Why am i not featuring all in smart way?


1.Plan Shift as you wish.For ex morning,evening,night,off or 1st half, 2nd half or anything.
2.Assign shift for each day on calender.
3.Set alarm for days.
4.Update National holidays at the starting of year
5.Automatic assigned holiday.
6.Synchronization  with google calender.
7.Generate report.
8.Back up your schedule.
9.Free version available.
10.If you are an hour based worker, you can schedule your payment.
11.Plan holiday tour easily and enjoy the count down.
The best thing in flexr is that you don’t have to be bored with this app and you can recall your duty if any misleading happens with you.
For students who are preparing for competitive exam, they can also give it a try for planning their next day assignment with alarm.Hope this app will help you.
Google Play Rating:4.5
Just with an smart touch you can understand when you have to ready for work.So why still now waiting?Download from above link and use it.Let me know in comment box, whether you like this app?
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