Facebook Verified Badge is in 2 colors i.e., Grey & Blue for a Verified Page on Facebook

Grey Badge Verification is an easy process and can be done if your FB page is about “Local Business” or “Company” or an “Organization”.

You need to follow the steps as below:

  • Click on Settings link which is at the top right of your FB Page
  • Into General section itself i.e. Left Side Menu’s 1st link, Click on Page Verification, you will not find this option in indian fb page
  • Click on Verify this Page and then proceed further with a click on Get Started
  • Enter the Phone Number for your business, your city, your country and language
  • Click on Call Me Now or Text Message to allow Facebook to send you the Verification Code
  • Enter the 4-digit Facebook Page Verification Code into the block provided and then click Continue

That’s it, and your Facebook Page is Verified.

Check what Facebook says: How do I verify my Page?

If you couldn’t find the option to submit your Page Verification Request or you are unable to access the link then it means your Facebook Page isn’t yet eligible for Verification.

Blue Badge is assigned for Public Figures, Popular Brands, Celebrities, Sports Personals, Media Channels, Journalists, Entertainment and Government Authorities.

Different Ways you can get Blue Tick Verified Facebook Page:

  • Automatically from Facebook: which solely depends on the Popularity of the FB Page
  • Submitting Valid Proofs about your Identity by filling the form available on Facebook


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