With the easy guide of Moto E, I shared you how to root Moto E.In this article I am sharing a review about a simple app Simple Root Checker.With this article you can check whether your device properly rooted or not.

Cost: This App is free of Cost.

When you open this app, a red marked line says that this app does not root your device.
Next to it touch on Check will check whether rooted or not.It will show some essential app like SuperSu or Busy Box installed or not.As my device is rooted so it’s showing terminal rooted.
In FAQ section, a simple description about what is root, How to get it, or how to recovered from it etc etc.
Simple Root Checker offers the possibility to determinate, thanks to specific controls, the presence of the Root permissions, Superuser application and the proper installation of Busybox, showing also the version. Are present, in addition, the FAQs addressed mostly to novices Modding, giving them simple answers concerning the nature of the application. With an attractive, modern, intuitive and efficient graphical interface use the services offered by Simple Root Checker will be pure pleasure.

Rating on Google Play: 4.2 based on 724 user as on 16/11/2014

Now you have checked your device root status.
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