Tethering is the way to use your mobile internet connection to computer.When you have internet connection on mobile, you can use your mobile data connection in PC.Tethering is useful because sometime smartphone can’t handle your all requirement. Read How to use mobile internet connection to PC.

But in reverse case when you have internet on your PC, why do you pay on mobile internet connection?Yes reverse tethering is the way to use your pc internet connection to mobile.There are basically two method.If you have pc with wifi device you can use it to create virtual wifi zone. Read Reverse tethering via wifi. Another method is Reverse tethering via USB.

Though there are problems of using reverse tethering.You can’t browse  internet on google chrome and opera.And also you can’t access internet on google play.This method perfectly works on Firefox browser.

Now let’s get started with reverse tethering via USB

1. To use reverse tethering via USB , you have to root your device.Read How to remove root  device? And rooting is same as removing.Use the above tutorial and click on “Root”.

2. Enable usb debugging.Read How to enable usb debugging on Android Kitkat?

3. Download Android Tool.zip .Extract the zip file on your computer.

4. Connect your phone to PC via USB.

5. Double click on Android Tool.exe from where you extracted the zip folder.Click on Check DNS.If everything fine then it will be shown ok.Click on refresh if your device do not appear.And select a device.

6. Click on connect.Now below mentioned screen will appear.It will take few seconds.Be patient and wait.If everything fine then green tick mark will appear in every command and the screen will automatically close.

7. When the above screen disappear, then your mobile is connected with internet.You can see the disconnect button on Android Tool.exe as seen below.

So you are connected with internet on mobile.Open firefox browser on mobile and start browsing.

Though you can connect your mobile via usb but i recommend you to use  Reverse tethering via wifi because of complexity.
Enjoy tethering and Enjoy free internet on mobile!Free in that sense you are not paying anything for that connection. 

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