USB debugging means to enabling developer mode.In android powered device by default developer mode remain disabled.Though the term USB debugging  relates to developer  but there is many reasons for simple user like me to enable USB debugging .

Before going to discuss the reasons read How to enable USB debugging on Android Kitkat?  and What USB debugging is?

1.Connect computer to PC with PC manager:

When you connect your pc with PC manager like mobogenie, you must be enable USB debugging.With PC manager you can manage your phones app, message, games, memory card.easily.Read more Android Device Management Application for PC :: Mobogenie.

2.Taking Screen Shot: 

Images are the best possible way of understanding any thing.If you are developer or want to become an developer then you must have to know how to take screen shot of your android device?
So, to take screen shot of your device from PC you must have to enable USB debugging on your android phone.You can take screen shot either with Android Developer console or any other third party application.I have taken the screen shot of my mobile from PC as shown above.

3.Testing Your Android Application:

If you are a developer then your obvious demand would be to test your application with some real devices, though there is virtual method to test your application.Read How to run android app on PC?
If you want to run your application with some real device , you have to enable USB debugging.To work with Android SDK and testing app on real device, you need to connect your device with USB and USB debugging must be enabled. 

4.Use your Android Device camera as webcam:

If you have PC which either don’t have Webcam or Webcam got damaged,  here is an option to use your android phone’s camera as webcam via USB.To use your phone’s camera as web cam you must enabled USB debugging . Read How to use android phone’s camera as webcam?

5.Run Command on Phone via Command terminal:

If you are a developer, some times you need to run terminal command on your phone.Just for example during rooting of a phone command to be run on Phone.So to run command on phone USB Debugging must be enabled and phone should be in fast boot mode.

6.Reverse tethering via USB:

Why you pay for mobile data connection when you have broadband connection on PC.Yes the way of use your PC’s broadband on your phone called Reverse tethering.If you have wifi on your PC then it’s easy to create virtual wifi zone on your area and connect your Mobile.But if you don’t have any wifi device you can buy an wifi usb adapter or this little trick may help you.Try reverse tethering via USB.Again you must need to enable usb debugging and android rooting to use reverse tethering on android.


You have to keep in mind that when you would like to manage your phone from your PC, most of the time you need to enable USB Debugging.But don’t enable USB debugging unless you really required.
Hope this guide helps you to understand how much essential USB Debugging for simple user also.There may be some other use fullness of usb debugging which i don’t know , please let me know in comment box.
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