Being an smart phone user you always feel that a smart phone can handle lots of thing.I am discussing day by day what a smart phone can do and how to do all that?In my previous article I have discussed Reverse Tethering via Wifi. In this article i am discussing how to use your android phone as wireless speaker?You can buy  a wireless speaker but when you have a smart phone why pay money for buying a new wireless speaker?Follow my step by step guide and get your free wireless speaker.Before going to the tutorial a list of things you required

i)You have to connect via same wifi zone.You can create virtual wifi zone on your home.

ii)An Android Smart Phone.This phone will be used as wireless speaker.

iii)Download Soundwire Server for Your PC Operating System.Alternate Package Download Link

iv)Download Sound Wire Android App for your android Device.

Let’s get started with the tutorial

i) Connect your PC to device via same wifi.If you are first time android user.Read How to share wifi and Create virtual wifi at home.

In my case i am using mywifirouter to create virtual wifi.

ii)Install Soundwire Server on PC.And open it with “Run as Administrator” access.After opening it you can see the Server Address of your virtual wifi zone.

iii)Now install soundwire android app on android device.And open it.Enter the server address you have from step 2 in soundwire android app and Touch on Spiral as shown below.

iv)Check Soundwire in PC.Now status shows you that you are connected.

Play a music on PC and check that it is playing on your Android wireless Speaker .

Hope this guide helps you to use free wireless speaker.Let me know ,if you have any difficulties in comment.

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