Themes are the best way to customize phone screen.And when i am talking about android, there are thousand themes are available to customize your mobile screen.My top choices are listed here.
Before going to download all those themes read the below tutorial which will help you to download and install the theme.How to install APK file?

How to install google play apps with mobogenie?

How to download android application on PC without Google Play?

01. Launcher 8


Bored of Android’s user interface? Can you want try a new style start screen?
Launcher 8 is an excellent app for you to experience the wp-style UI on your Android devices.
It’s super fast, clean and comfortable, customizable personalized layout and powerful functional.

It’s amazing and interesting when you use this app and you can also show off your new style of home screen to your friends!
– You can add different size tiles.
– You can add a variety of color tile.
– You can save and restore the theme.
– You can edit the start screen layout.
– You can set the current background style.
– You can switch the application list style.
– You can add Android widgets in the tiles.
– You can set the wp8 style lock screen and status bar.
– You can select more than one hundred kinds of theme colors.
– You can add special features tiles, like time, LED light, Live Gallery and Live contact.
– Each rows 6 tiles for big screens. (just support the Launcher 8 Pro version)
– Single contact avatar animation tile. (just support the Launcher 8 Pro version)
1 The live contact needs to read the contact data (Avatar) access permission;
2 Direct dial call shortcut need the CALL PHONE permission;
3 Direct send text message shortcut need Send Message permission.
4 Download the themes need access the network permission.
5 The LED Light need access the Camera permission.How to activation all app notification:
1.On Launcher 8 home screen, click Menu, click “Settings” – “Status bar” – “Notifications active” – turn on ;
2.Then will go to “Accessibility” – “Services” – “Launcher 8 statusbar notification active” – Activation it.
3.Back to the Status bar setting, enable App Notifications, And make sure the apps running at background , also you can view our video.

Download From Google Play

I am adding more theme on this list.Let’s in touch with this page to get updated.

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