Screenshot is the capturing screen of your mobile ,pc or any other devices.I have already discussed what is the requirement of screenshot in my previous article You can read it on How to take android mobile screen shot with mobogenie?

There are various way of taking screenshot on your android phone.You can take screenshot without any third party app.In my previous post i wrote on How to take android screen shot without third party app?.

If you like to use mobogenie android manager for PC there is an available option for you to take android screen shot.Read How to take android mobile screen shot with mobogenie?

In this post i am going to write another method of taking android screen shot.Here i use some useful app to take android app and the best part is that all are free.

1.Screenshot by Lovekara:

Screenshot by Lovekara
Screenshot by lovekara is one of the best screenshot taking app.A simple process which will capture your screen.You have to open the app and touch on shot which enable you to start capturing(for rooted device) or hold “power button” and “volume down button” for 2secs.The next part is whether the captured screen  fulfill your requirement, if yes save else discard it.You can specify the folder where you want to save your screen.You can crop and save your image as per your choice.
Google Play Rating: 4.4

2. Screenshot Easy by Ice Cold Apps:

Screenshot Easy by Ice Cold App is another screenshot taking apps.You have to either hold “power button”

and “volume down button” or  you have to hold “power button” and “home button” for 2 secs.This app is also handy for use.There is shortcut available.Camera hardware button is also available.

Google Play Rating 4.3

Download from Google Play

3.Screenshot by Splend Apps:



Another great screenshot application developed by Splend Apps.This app is having cool features.After taking screenshot, you can view and manage your screenshot in gallery.You can set few second delay to capture your screen.On screen shutter button(overlay icon) which is visible on top of all screens and allows you to capture screen exactly when pressed.You can share your captured image via email, facebook etc.Crop your images and edit or delete your screenshots.You can show or hide shutter bar.Can play the shuttering sound and vibration on screenshot.Notification are will be invisible during capturing and many more.

Though the app does not require to root your device but still rooting required to work some function properly.

Google Play Rating 4.0

Download from Google Play

4.OK Screenshot by Go Launcher Dev Team:



Ok screenshot is another app which do the same thing as the above app do.You have to touch the capture icon and all done.All the picture would be save in same path.You can edit or crop your image.

Google Play Rating: 4.0

Download from Google Play

5. Screenshot Ultimate by Ice Cold Apps:



Screenshot ultimate is another great app developed by Ice Cold Apps to capture screen.First of all this one is free.There is various trigger method of this great app.You can take your screenshot and edit it.Sharing your screenshot via email, picasa ,app.Multiple select off screenshot.Automatically screenshot adjusted.You can set default folder to save your screenshot.
Google Play Rating: 3.9
This is the top 5 list of screenshot app which is free and enable you to capture your screen smartly.And for after android 4.0 user my recommendation  is to capture your screen without any third party app or with mobogenie.Please let me know in comment box which one suite you best for your android screen capture.
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