In my previous article, i already wrote about Android Device Management Application for PC :: Mobogenie. But the question arise do we really need a smart phone manager for PC?Our phone can handle lot’s of thing that we can imagine off, but still their is some advantage of using Smart Phone Manager for PC.

In a simple word smart phone manager for PC handle your phone smartly.

In this post i am going to tell all those advantages of using mobogenie , an smart phone manager for PC.You can read my post:Guide to mobogenie.

Download Apk File:

It is very much difficult to get the apk file for an android app from google play.Installation process in google play is quite bit hard for them who have low data connection on their smart phone, so here the role of mobogenie comes.On mobogenie you can download the apk file of google play from your smart pc.Read my guide on How to install google play apps with mobogenie?

Take Screen Shot Easily:

Taking screen shot is a smart choice of Tech Tutor.You can take screen shot without any third party app.But still now taking screen shot with mobogenie is a good choice for speed screen capturing.You can take screen shot very quickly with mobogenie.As the screenshot saves in computer so you don’t have to relocate it.

Updating Apps:

When a new version of app releases, always the version have new features.If you want to update the app with low connection internet, you must become bored in few minutes.But if you have a broadband internet connection on pc you have two option either share internet via wifi and update app or With a third party android management application.With this software, you can update your all apps without any difficulties.

See Device Details at a glance:

With phone manager for PC, you can see device details of your phone at a glance.Though about device section is there on your pc.

Manage all operation in giant Screen:

Though most of us like small carrying screen to be all the time with us but some time giant screen gives us the opportunity to behave our health well.Managing your smart phone in giant screen without pc manager is not possible.So, what can you manage?
You can manage all things like messaging, memory card managing, Taking back up etc.
There are lot’s of usefulness you have with using a pc manager which i am unable to cover in this article.But you can give it a try and let me know in comment box whether it meets your demand.

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